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Printing; label colour when printed?


Printing; label colour when printed?

This is more an annoyance really, with what I hope is some incredibly simple answer that I have missed.


When I print my drawings I always include a label as a time stamp for the print. Now my question is why is the label sometimes green and sometimes black?


What determines the colour of the label?


Many thanks,



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This is a pnt file

See Specifying Location of Pen Table File

And Example table pnt File

Or printer option of course

But that's the thing, my pen table file does not change yet the colour of the printed label does?

It is not in the printers options either as if you preview the print in Creo you can see the label colour.

I initially thought it was green on the first print and black if reprinted. However that does not work.

FYI Creo 3.0 M060 but I did also notice this behavior in Creo 2.0.

I use Creo 2

  • This reproduce on other computer?
  • Can you share your pcf file ?

Sure. 🙂

I cannot try a different computer, sorry.

I have discovered that around M050 or M060 they broke the pcf file. Setting the label and label height in the pcf file does not seem to do anything.

To work around this I now use an extended mapkey to include the settings I require.

Like I say though, with nothing changing, apart from the file printed the label colour will change.

I just tried a file I printed yesterday, the label was black. I printed it today and the label is green. I have not changed anything. lol I don't understand.

Do you know where to set the label colour or what controls the label colour?


please upload example data.

Use How to attach file when you Reply to a discussion. method.


Martin Hanák

Please find attached a drawing that I know has printed with two different colour labels.

On last print the label was green.

I am perplexed as to why Creo does this, but also not that bothered. 🙂


I tested drawings.pcf in CR3 M060 and now I can publish results ...

1.] plot_label_height problem reports problem with label height in CR3 M060 (SPR opened)

following setting works (for me)

plot_label_height 0.019685039 CM

!*** 0.1 CM >>> 25.4 mm in printed drawing

!*** 0.019685039 CM (0.1/25.4*5) >>> 5 mm in printed drawing

2.] plot_translate problem

following setting works (for me)

plot_translate 0.000000 -6.000000 MM

3.] pen_table_file problem

pen_table_file table.pnt

The above mentioned setting is "unstable". Always use absolute path to pen table file. For example:

pen_table_file C:\PTC\print_settings\table.pnt

Modify pen_table_file option to fullfil this requirement.


Martin Hanák