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ProE vs CREO?


ProE vs CREO?

What's in a name? That which we call Pro/E by any other name would
design as sweet!

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I don't really care about the code.  Write it in basic or Fortran or C++
or by hand on a napkin, doesn't matter to me.  The underlying code isn't
the real issue, it's the UI design. 

I want to know that PTC hired some real good UI experts who studied the
workflow and surveyed users and watched them work.

I want to know they looked to similar tasks that were done in different
ways now and standardized them.

I want to know that they set up some top level standards on how common
controls would work throughout the software.

I want to know that they looked for ways to give us more output for less

I want to know that these UI experts had the authority to tell the code
guys how it should operate and didn't let 'ease of coding' trump 'ease
of use'.

I want to know that the code jockeys had nothing to do with the UI
except implementing it. 

Yeah, it needs to be Windows compliant and it needs to use a modern code
engine, but in the end all I want a consistent, intuitive, good looking
UI that stays out of my way and just works.  (And I think that's what
you're really saying as well.)

Pro/E has never had that in the 14+ years I've used it.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

If you guys keep complaining, you have to use Catia instead!

I wouldn't feel safe decorating my Christmas tree with Catia...

I hear if you are bad in this lifetime, you go to hell and have to use AutoCAD Inventor.

You have to work all these projects and your entire workforce is attorneys.

Instead of assembling your stuff, they just whine and threaten to sue!

That will make you appreciate the sheer awesomeness that is CREO!!!

Dun dun... da da da dunnnnn!

Frederick Burke

I am having some trouble with the extrude up to surface, in WF3, does this look right???? 🙂


Patrick Fariello

I’ll settle for the complete extermination, annihilation and eradication, of the tabs in WF5 drawing mode!!!

Jeff <><


Anthony R. Benitez

Senior Mechanical Designer

Drafting Supervisor

Applied Research Laboratories

The University of Texas at Austin

I think Doug covers it pretty well.

One way to ensure a UI works is for the implementers to have to use it "in anger". This is a tough call with CAD, I know, but PTC needs to integrate some real designers into the team who will tell it as it is in the pub after work.

Apparently little things in the workflow make so much difference to ease of use. There is no justification for all the menu manager, toolbar and dashboard variations. Consistency, e.g. you can select on screen or in the tree helps learning so much.

I would take a decent bet that Microsoft Vista people used XP for their work. They would never have stuck 100 dialogs a day asking if they "really wanted to run what they had just double clicked". The Win 7 people probably used Vista and fixed it rather well.


John Prentice

ps - Thanks for the diremsion/symbol text size question and answers - Why should that be a hidden option?

You get less trouble with these if you put a C in column 6 ;=)

John Prentice

Too damn funny !

You guys are great !

I doubt that PTC rewrote the CREO suite from the ground up. There are
reasons why old software has so many patches, it's because the language
does not implement the functions the way they are supposed to, or the
compiler doesn't do exactly what it is supposed to, etc... All of the
old patches have much man/machine hours behind them, and rewriting all
of the routines in a new language may put you out of business.

If you may remember Autodesk tried this in Autocad a while back and
almost went out of business.

See Things you should never do
<">> by Joel
Spolsky. He explains this better than I can.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317
23-Emerald II

PTC claimed that when they released Wildfire 1, they had done an extensive search and removal project to get rid of unused subroutines. Something like 300K lines of code removed because it did nothing. I heard stories of some calls that went to subroutine, only to have the subroutine commented out or the programmer had put a return at the top. Too lazy to go back and remove the original call and delete the subroutine just in case it may have been called from someplace else in the bowl of spaghetti.

Let's hope Creo is better than just taking 3 programs and putting a manager program on top of them and saying they are now 1 program.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

Actually, the next article by Joel after "Things you should never do"
called "Controlling your environment makes you happy" really hit the
mark with GUI's. An interface is great "if it does what you expect it to
do", now I understand why I have so many "low" days! This Joel guy
really gets it, thanks Chris for the intro.

This article was very insightful for me. I have a better appreciation
for what PTC is faced with. If one wishes one complained less, this
might help with respect to software upgrades.

Thanks Chris!


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