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Query Select randomly stops working


Query Select randomly stops working

For those dinosaurs like me who turn off preselection highlighting and select things properly(!), do you sometimes find that query select refuses to pop up, and you're stuck without a way to cycle through selection options?  This seems to happen mid-session (i.e. it was working initially, then at some time while I'm working it stops working) and sometimes it seems to fix itself later, though I haven't found a specific trigger to make it work again.


I'm in Creo 3, M130.


Is there a 3D mouse involved? Something along that line is probably involved; an application that adds or modifies the pop up menus may be influencing the situation.

Hmm, I do have a Space Pilot which I occasionally use during Creo work.  I'll watch to see whether that seems to be related!

Not felt the need to use that for years. I tend to cycle through with the right click and wait when I get to an item that looks right the name of that appears so you know that you have selected the correct feature rather than some random plane. Works well if you use a working rep so your screen is not engulfed with irrelevant model features and datums.


I suppose I'm a dinosaur too, but I use the pre-select highlighting instead of the old query select. 


That said, the highlighting sometimes stops working, but usually in only one of my open windows.  It seems to correlate with using my second monitor.  If I draw a Creo window to monitor #2 so I can see two parts at once, it seems that one window will stop highlighting and not necessarily either of the ones I'm looking at.


For me, closing the window (not all of Creo) and reopening the part or assy typically fixes it.  I don't even have to erase from session.


I'm running Creo 2 M230 on a Dell 7710 laptop with two external 24" screens and I so have a Space Navigator 3D mouse.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Hi Doug,


Just had a test as QS had given up on me on a current part.

Closing the window and re-opening didn't fix it; neither did the same thing with an erase-not-displayed (although this was the base Creo window).

It also appears to be affecting all windows simultaneously.

Has this issue presented itself again?  Are you still running M130?  We have a handful of users complaining about this very thing.  It seems to be a random issue and the only thing to make it work again is to re-start Creo.


Thank you for your time.

Yes, I'm still on C3 M130 and this still happens from time to time.  I've created a mapkey to toggle epilepsy mode (pre-selection highlighting 😉 for those occasions when it's died and I have to make sure I'm selecting the right thing, but it's still a pain.


Glad it's not just me!

Creo 4.0 M100. Still doing this. I do have a space mouse. During round creation I cannot query to get intent edge. But if I select first then select round. I can get intent edge.

Hey Jonathan!  I noticed this too on occasion, and I'm using Creo 3 M130 and don't use a 3D mouse (don't like 'em).  sometimes it clears itself up, sometimes not.  I've not ran across THE solution, but knowing that others have this issue too I'll be on the lookout for the fix.


Best of luck y'all!