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Quit Retrieve Mapkey


Quit Retrieve Mapkey

Good afternoon,
Way back in the old days, when the old King was alive, I remember that, when
Pro/E was regenerating a large assembly and it all went horribly wrong (Yes!
It does sometimes...), there was a menu pick in the Resolve Menu something
like 'Quit Retrieve'. This meant that, for example, when a part failed
because somewhere way down in the skeleton I had forgotten to resume some
features after having a fiddle, I simply clicked 'Quit Retrieve' and it
stopped bothering to try. I was then enabled to resume my missing features
in the skeleton and try again. Sometimes (quite often really), the second
attempt, with all the features resumed, would regenerate successfully.
Now, in WF2, there is no way I have worked out to say, 'You know what? I
need to stop trying to fix this and fix the root of the problem'. I end up
suppressing tons of stuff, much of which is in patterns and groups, so don't
show up as suppressed in the model  tree. Then I fix the root problem, but
forget to resume the stuff in the patterns, and so it goes on...
I know many of the old menus are still there in newer versions of Pro/E, so
I was wondering, if I knew the menu picks, could I write a mapkey to select
'Quit Retrieve', even though it does not appear in WF2 as a menu option? If
you think it is possible, do you know or can you remember the menu picks?
This is not the same as the red button down on the right hand side of the
screen that occasionally stops a file from loading when it is clicked. This
was a much more reliable, tidy way of stopping things, as I recall it.

It's distressing to realise, as I re-read this, just how much the whole
problem is down to my terrible memory!

I look forward to hearing from you, even those of you who may be out of


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21-Topaz II

The 'quit retrieve' only appears when opening an assy.  If you hit the
stop sign or if an assy fails when opening it, the quit retrieve pick
should be available.

The scenario you're describing doesn't exist.  There's no way to fix an
issue in a different part to correct a failure in your assy or assy
component.  The only choice is clip suppress or something like that.  At
least not in WF4.

If you do clip suppress, you can use resume -> last set to resume
everything at once, but you'd have to do that in each part that had a
failure due to your skeleton model issue.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer