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RSD Overlay onto Pro/e drawing?

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RSD Overlay onto Pro/e drawing?

In the past when we used pro/diagram we could overlay the diagram and
associated tables on to a Pro/e drawing that also displayed the flat
harness geometry. With RSD/creo schematic there seems to be no way to do
this. Does anyone know if there are plans to make the software be able
to do this? We've gone through several versions of RSD now and I would
have thought overlays would have been possible by now. It seems the only
thing we can do is export the RSD data to a DXF and then import it into
the Pro/e drawing. This seems more like a work-around than a solution.
To make a change you have to re-export the RSD data and then re-import
it into Pro/e and try to get it lined up where it needs to go on the
sheet again. We have also had a problem where, instead of finding
someone who can run RSD, a user has gone in and edited the imported dxf
data to change the diagram and now the RSD file is out of date. An
overlay would force people to go back and revise the original RSD file.
What are other's doing to get there RSD diagrams to show up on Pro/e

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Yes, this is a problem. We have the same problem now as well but instead
of doing a DXF export we keep the files separate and just make a note on a
blank sheet in Pro/E that points a person to the correct *.rsd file so they
can open it up and print off the schematic. This prevents a person from
going in and changing the fake lines from the DXF.

The loss of Overlay has also taken away the "relationship" between the
drawing and the schematic. So now a User Defined relationship must be
created (in Pro/INTRALINK 3.x anyway) to keep the files tied together in
the PDM system.

I would say we spend a lot of extra time opening up both software and
editing the title blocks in both softwares to make both pieces of the
drawing match up. We also have an issue with the Title Block formats
looking the same between both softwares, even though it is a copy, they
just don't quite match up.

The DXF approach is the closest you will get to the Overlay, but in my
opinion also the most dangerous.

As far as your question about future plans to do this.... I wouldn't hold
your breath.

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The way to overcome the danger of using the DXF approach is to save the drawing with the DXF as a PDF and submit that as the drawing.