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Regenerating Family Table Instances (Part 3)

23-Emerald II

Regenerating Family Table Instances (Part 3)

... an ongoing thing with regenerating family tables

See previous discussions:


I just recently notice a behavior (and it is probably - "works as expected/programmed")


I use a lot of mapkeys and some quick keys and sometimes I am a couple steps ahead of the computer. Recently I notice that I randomly get this sketch window pop-up from which I have to exit. I have now found out that this from when I do an "Alt-F, S" (to save) and the computer only "sees" the "S" and thinks I want to start a sketch. The question that I have is that when I cancel out of this command, the model is then looking to be regenerated (along with all the instances). If I cancel our of the command, why does it need to be regenerated?


'Sup Dale!


I could be wrong but I think anytime a sketch is started that's internal to a feature (extrude, etc.) that it's regenerated either after it's finished or after it's cancelled because the feature may add mass.  I'm not sure that a stand alone datum curve forces a regen.


PTC should change that mantra to "QUIRKS as expected/programmed"!  LOL  🙂

Maybe I need to delete / deactivate the "S" hot key that they added to help us (and therefor got rid of any mapkeys that started with an "S").

I was able to delete all that caused conflicts via a popup, but it's not permanent for me because all the and .ui files are now now on the network instead of local.  It's a bummer because I have to do it EVERY session...  But, that doesn't delete these automatic one key commands that don't have a conflict with my mapkeys, I'm stuck with them....for now.


If you can't get yours to go away I'll post a screenshot.  I believe the one I posted is still here somewhere...


Select "Show All conflicts", which brings you to:


Then select "Resolve Conflict" which brings you to:


Then select "Remove All Conflicts With Mapkeys".  Bummer this only works per session...


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