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Save A Copy red X


Save A Copy red X

I'm getting this error when trying to save a copy with new names for all objects.

"Save a copy action cannot be performed for models: (multiple Occurances) because of incompatible status of their higher level assemblies or/and lower level components"

Was trying to rename by adding a suffix.

When I open the objects that have a red X, I can rename everything in that assembly or part.

The save a copy interface will not let me choose reuse. And it will not let me continue with the red X's


David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab
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By the way, this is unrelated to windchill. I backed up the assembly to disk then started up creo without PDMLink. Same problem.

David Haigh

There is a sub-assy that is using flexibility to suppress components. All the red X's are in this sub-assy. Suppressing that assembly, allowed renaming everything and save a copy to work.
(Thanks to a suggestion by Neal Hanratty.)

Essentially the full sub-assy has a straight and a bent version of a couple of components. Instead of using a family table to select which to show in the upper assembly they are using flexibility.

Not sure why this should cause a problem. I can bring up the sub-assy and save a copy on it with no issues, but then it doesn't have flexibility at that point.

Are flexible items an issue for save a copy?

David Haigh


another way:

A is copied to part 1

B is confused. Do I depend on part A or part 1?



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