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Saving the asm downloads all family table instances into workspace.


Saving the asm downloads all family table instances into workspace.

Hi all,

I have a problem with Creo2.0 M100 and Windchill 10.2 M020

I have an assembly in which I used one instance of a family table. If I look at my workspace there is the asm, parts, drawings and the gereric part of the family table and the instance part of the family table as well as the format of the drawings and the wt-parts for all of them.

If I now open the asm and change something what does not effect the family table parts at all and try to save the asm, a conflict window comes up. I use Make read only for all the parts I don't want to change (all the parts in the conflict window are the instances of the family table). After I click OK all family table instances are getting downloaded into my workspace and flooding my workspace.

Is there a setting that prohibits the download of the not used instances of family tables?

Thank you all, I appreciate your help.

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Welcome to the forum, Andre.

Have you confirmed that there are actually files for each instance? Normally, only the Creo dialog (and probably Windchill) will report the instances, but that is only because it reads the file and makes them accessible. At best, there may be an index for the family tables.

As for the change, yes, it appears you have to regenerate each instance because Creo doesn't know if you changed something that may affect the FT definitions. You have to go to family tables and re-verify them. I believe there are some options here, but they are set up by default to be minimal overhead. I don't use them enough to know all the options, but I do know the default options are annoying.

What is the Workspace status for all the instances? Are any marked as modified?

Sometimes people create family tables in stupid ways that cause instances to be modified when they are opened. I think one of the ways is to calculate a mass properties parameter, but not store the parameter in the family table.

Unless the name changed, use Lock in the Workspace to prevent modified items being put back into the Workspace. Only unlock the items that you intend to change.

Hi David,

thanks for your help.

The workspace status for all instances after Creo downloaded them is no status. In the conflict window I mark all make read only. So in the workspace only the instance I use in the asm and the generic of the family table are locked and the other instances are downloaded but do not have a status. So they are not changed or locked or checked out, no status.

Hi Andre.

the only status that matters is that of the generic family table model: If it has the status of being modified, then all the other instances are downloaded for saving the changes of the generic. I'd be surprised, if the generic was not marked as modified.

The next thing would be checking, why the generic is modified in session.

Can you try doing the same actions after launching a session where you disabled your - maybe there is a particular option causing the modification upon retrieval/regeneration.