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Screen Resolution is not optimistic in Creo Parametric


Screen Resolution is not optimistic in Creo Parametric



i got struck with some serious issues,,which PTC team fail to Solve and gave me a some pages of PDF(hardware notes) were very adament by thier rules and regulation ,,to fix the Megapixel 1280*1024,,,,,,

Actually from my customers feed back PTC and Creo only behaves than nonother Solution and 3d-Cad file,


I couldnt ask my Customer to change their bought out laptops , and the same in my office,,,,

Is there any possibility to see the normal window,,,pls notify me

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i have raised this issue so many times on this forum, both on the academic page and the regular assembly managment page.

but very dissapointed with the replies here.

it is for the first time i have heard use "save copy" in assembly in creo parametric 2.0, i have to change my monitor...this is funny!

Better than some not all

With SolidWorks there options window does not follow general winrows behavior and will not show in your task bar so the following trick doesn't work there. They also do not properly use Alt keys On a software designed for windows great job.

You can probbably use the windows keys that control size and location for windows

Alt+Space, S : Size | (hit Up,Down,Left,Right arrow then U,D,L,R) selects size handle U&R would pick top right corner | use (U D L R) dir arrows to move drag handle.

Alt+Space, M : Move (U, D, L, R) moves windrow in that/those directions Once you hit an arrow key you may move your mouse to finish process

Alt+Space, N : miNimize Window

Alt+Space, X : maXimize window

Now when PTC makes the floating toolbars available on Creo like in CoCreate I'll be happy.


thanks for your help. I have tried using what you have mentioned..but it does not work....this save copy of assembly window itself is wrong.

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