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Search assembly/drawing for missing BOM parameters


Search assembly/drawing for missing BOM parameters

We use custom BOM tables that have Part Number, Descriptions, and Drawing Numbers. Some of our assemblies get into the 100 to 150 unique part quantities. Now, we're supposed to fill in the parameters for each new part when we make the part but that doesn't always happen. We're left with a BOM table that does not have the information for Part Number, Description or Drawing Number. In Solidworks, if that happens, you can select the empty field, right click and open the part.


Is there any way to do something like that with a PTC BOM? Is there any way to search the assembly for missing parameters? Is there a way to generate a report of assembly items and filter for part name and Description?


Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

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If you have more than one part with missing PN, Description, Dwg #, they will all show up in the same box on the BOM because the assembly doesn't know that they are different. So if you had 10 of these in a 100 part assembly, the blank line would have a quantity of 10, but wouldn't diferentiate between the 10. In other words - only 1 blank line and not 10. I am sure that for large assemblies that this would not be easy.

Dale, thanks for the response. The parts are unique and show up on their own line in the BOM. I do have a work around which is to add a column to the BOM that lists the part name. Once all the parts have their parameters properly filled in we delete the Part Name column.

I would rather not have to do that. Just questioning if there's a better way.

Are the parts themselves instances from a family table? If so, I had issues where the generic part was left blank and it screwed up the bill of material, but if I put anything, even a "-" in the generic description then it would fill in the table correctly.

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Thanks, Dale

23-Emerald I

There are several ways to do this. My usual method to fix just a few problem cells is to simply double click on the cell that is missing the information and it will allow you do edit the missing parameter. This works only if the cell is not driven some other method, such as a parameter driven by a relation.

When there are a bunch of missing parameters, I typically use the model tree at the assembly level and columns to the model tree to show the paramters in question. If you do this often, save a model tree settings file so you can just open that and all your normal parameters can be shown quickly.

Model check is the only way I know of to search for missing parameters. It is not something that is user customizable and takes extensive setup but may be a solution for your company.

I never thought to search the assembly model tree and add the Parameters column. That works out very nicely and we can get right into the parameters by right clicking on the part/asm.


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