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Sketch references not updating in Creo 8 Student Edition


Sketch references not updating in Creo 8 Student Edition

I recently installed Creo 8 Student Edition and found that my references are not being automatically updated between sketches on the same part. I have been using Creo for a few years, so I know what the normal behavior should be (Ex: edge moves that is referenced in sketch -> sketch updates to reflect new edge location).


For some reason when the part geometry changes, the sketches that reference that geometry are not updating. No amount of refreshing changes this, but I can manually update references by deleting and remaking the reference, or selecting a different (equivalent) edge/axis/vertex/surface/etc. when available. Creo seems to recognize that the identity of the reference is the same, but not that it has moved.


Are there any settings that I can try adjusting?

Should I try reinstalling?


Please let me know if you need more information.



please record video showing the problem and upload it. You can also upload your model ... even if commercial license users will not be able to open it.

Martin Hanák

Hello @Mandias 


Agreeing with @MartinHanak 


This kind of issue deserves a model and a "step by step to reproduce" in order to investigate this further, and then conclude in a direction of an expected or an unexpected behavior.


One config option helps in this troubleshooting process for this kind of use case: show_selected_item_id yes (default being no). This setting allows, when moving the mouse over an entity (an edge here) to preview the identified of the entity being matter of interest (see attached snapshot for illustrated approach).


With that, I suggest to proceed as follows:

  1. Check first the identifier of the entity BEFORE your modifications
  2. Do now your modifications,
  3. Check again the identifier of the edge (The one you expect to be the same)

Then, based on what you'll observe:

  • If edge identifiers of steps 1 and 3 are identical,:
    • The update process failing in sketcher references is not expected
    • We encourage you to open a case to PTC Technical Support for further investigation (and probable SPR creation process)
  • Otherwise, if identifiers of points 1 and 3 are different, behavior your observing is probably expected (but you may need further views on the question WHY identifer changes when I do my modifications, and for an answer on this question, we'll need your model + the step by step to reproduce)





Thank you for your helpful comments.


It looks like the issue has disappeared for now. I had not simply restarted Creo because of what I was working on, but apparently that worked. It's still strange that the issue appeared at all though.

I will monitor my sketches and use the procedure you outlined if the issue reappears.

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