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Straight Talk from CAD Designers - Read what your Peers say about Pro/ENGINEER


Straight Talk from CAD Designers - Read what your Peers say about Pro/ENGINEER


As part of my job in PTC Marketing I am working with a lot of users to create case studies. We have this series of short, one-page stories where users like yourselves tell us why they like working with Pro/ENGINEER and what they do with it on a daily basis.

Since this Community is about showcasing, I thought these stories are a good fit, after all, they also present some nice model snapshots. See for yourselves. If you like them or want to tell your own story, feel free to get in touch with me!



Dr. Ing. PrümperGermany“Even complex designs – such as intricate turbo gears – become child’s play with the tools from Pro/ENGINEER.”
Fabrizio CalandroItaly“I learned Pro/ENGINEER by myself. After only a few days, I was able to make accurate models and drawings, and go on alone.”
Paul HeatheringtonIreland“The ease of creating and visualizing complex shaped parts with Pro/ENGINEER has proven to reduce errors.”
Thomas AlderSwitzerland“I do a lot of sheet metal design in my job and really appreciate the user-friendliness and ease-of-use of the sheet metal functionality in Pro/ENGINEER.”
Thomas BichlerAustria“The scalability of Pro/ENGINEER enables us to use a single system for all of our processes, which greatly simplifies administration and maintenance.”
Benoit GrelierSwitzerland“The biggest advantage of Pro/ENGINEER, when compared to other CAD products, is the ease-of-use and the stability of its integrated simulation and analysis tools.”
George DonagherIreland“Comparing Pro/ENGINEER to other 3D CAD Tools? The difference is like night and day.”
David BarbourSouth Africa“Moving from 2D design with AutoCAD® to 3D design with Pro/ENGINEER sped up our development times by 80%.”
James LynchIreland“The fully customizable interface of Pro/ENGINEER – with its map keys and GUI laid out the way I want it – makes navigation a breeze.”
Yasuhiro MurakamiJapan“I find Pro/ENGINEER much easier to use than any other 3D CAD package on the market.”
Kim Sook GooKorea“Upon finishing concept design, I usually output the BOM before meeting with our customers. Being able to do this at the push of a button with Pro/ENGINEER allows me to always be well-prepared for my meetings, and to impress our customers with systematic proposals.”
Allan TurtleUK“In our business, speed is a decisive factor for success. Modeling in Pro/ENGINEER is quick.”
Tuomas PöystiFinland"In my role as CAD administrator for my company, I am supporting a group of 30 mechanical and industrial designers.
They hardly ever need help when modeling in Pro/ENGINEER."
Students from St. Joseph School, Mendham, NJUSA“Pro/ENGINEER is so easy to learn, no wonder it is so popular with American students and teachers.”
Håkan KjellgrenSweden“We use Pro/ENGINEER for everything related to our designs, from early concepts through calculating, production tooling, drawings – even for advertising material. The software is extremely robust, so we never have to worry about crashes.”
Ice WangChina“Pro/ENGINEER extends my mind and lets my thoughts become reality. It allows me to produce perfect designs and brings my innovative potential into full play.”
Henrik SiigerDenmark"The surfacing capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER are fantastic, and can be accessed very intuitively through its clearly structured user interface."
Peter LomasUK“Since picking up Pro/ENGINEER, I haven’t used any other 3D CAD software – I simply haven’t felt the need, as Pro/ENGINEER does
everything I need it to do as a Design Engineer, and a lot more on top!”
Students from Sandbach High, UKUK"We had never worked with Pro/ENGINEER until we registered for the competition. Getting up to speed with it was easy and it allowed us to realize our ideas quickly.”
Jaime MorenoUSA“Pro/ENGINEER gives me an edge on developing robust systems, as well as reducing development time by not having to make as many
physical prototypes.”
Mike AhrensUSA"My design productivity increases when my 3D CAD software tools run smoothly without interruption... and this is why Pro/ENGINEER is the best choice for my business."
Redza ShahUSA“Pro/ENGINEER is quick, easy, and allows for our models to be parametrically linked, for easy design changes in the future.”
Chris BreedenUSA“I like that I am only limited by my own imagination and time – and not by Pro/ENGINEER.”
Fritz JordiSwitzerland“With Pro/ENGINEER, even the most complex geometries can be precisely described mathematically, and very easily modified.”
John BijnensBelgium"What I like most in Pro/ENGINEER is the ease-of-use of the design features. In the CAD industry, very often ‘ease-of-use’is a synonym for 'no power'. This is certainly not the case with Pro/ENGINEER. If you can visualize a design in your mind, you can surely create it with a feature in Pro/ENGINEER."
Rupert HuberAustria“The excellence of Pro/ENGINEER lies in its integration of parametric design, calculation, and NC-preparation – all in a single package.”
Rudolf FreymadlGermany"Pro/ENGINEER enables me to embark on totally new approaches to product development."
Fabio CartaItaly"Considering the great modeling options, the user-friendly development, and management of assemblies and mechanisms – even of complex ones, I am every day more convinced that Pro/ENGINEER is the best tool for my job."
Constantijn RomijnNetherlands"With the Pro/ENGINEER Manikin Extension, I was able to successfully complete a challenging student project: the design of a lightweight, eco-friendly vehicle."
Gavin BurnhamUK“What I like most about Pro/ENGINEER is the speed with which changes can be implemented. We usually progress through several design iterations during a project until we hit sign-off, and with Pro/ENGINEER, this is as efficient as can be.”
Seo Min JunKorea“Pro/ENGINEER offers advanced functionality at a surprisingly low price.”
Maicon JarschelBrazil“Pro/ENGINEER allows me to constantly improve my skills as a designer. It is almost like the software is one step ahead of me, anticipating what I need to do and helping to elaborate my designs.”
Chema TorresSpain"Pro/ENGINEER is one of the best CAD software products on the market - both for modeling and for making assemblies."
John DiCorsoUSA“The sequence of commands in Pro/ENGINEER is more logical than
in other solid modeling programs.”
Richard StrebingerUSA“No other single CAD package can do what Pro/ENGINEER can do!”
Koen BeyersBelgium“With Pro/ENGINEER and its excellent modules, I get exactly the functionality I need to successfully respond to my customers’ advanced requirements.”
Erwin AffenzellerAustria“Pro/ENGINEER serves all our requirements; no single part of our vehicles is designed externally.”
Mark van der KwaakThe Netherlands“With Pro/ENGINEER, you can handle anything–from the simplest to the most complex tasks.”
Scott PetersonUSA“PTC helps users minimize the time required to create complex features and, consequently, minimize the time required to attain their engineering goals.”

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You have got to be kidding me...

"As part of my job in PTC Marketing"

Straight Talk from CAD Designers...

This is like getting your world information from FOX news...

PTC is probably the cryptic, click intensive, bug ridden cad software since DOGS.

Add that to your list!


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