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Suggestion for Creo 4


Suggestion for Creo 4

I'd like to suggest an improvement for Creo 4.

Cross hatching in drawings, copy all button for hatching styles.

We currently can copy hatching styles from one view to another by selecting them both and then stepping through each component and pressing copy.

I'd like a copy all button, it may not give me exactly what I want but at least it would give me a head start.

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First time I read that it's possible to copy hatching styles from one view to another. Might be a timesaver, thanks.

If it is just a matter of clicking into menu manager on "Next" and "Copy" buttons, then it can most propably be automated via a mapkey.

Guess I'll have to make one.


maybe you should take a look at this:

Samuel Brantner
B&W Software GmbH

i also recommend 3d sketch,multibody and improvement in fill surface

what improvement due you want in fill surface?

merge inheritance works similar to multibody..

projected sketch /3d will not be filled and many other option for closing boundaries which creo has as another extension in ISDX ...u can see solidworks surface functionality of filled surface u know the difference....

exactly fill option like the one in solidworks is already there in why would they bother to give in the basic license..i means its already there..just not in the basic package.

fill in creo/proe is what "planar surface is in solidworks"

i think there is something going on "multibody" though...if it will be there in creo 4..well i do not know right now..

well i am talking about that only functionality should be in basic license...i dont know but my experience with multibody has been far better..i mean u dont need to recall for geometry for reference ...just make a single body and split it into two and save!!main thing is much of time is saved...i dont say creo lacks the ability but yes time duration is more to do.

i don't think PTC thinks the way you think......that is why it is in ISDX

I have used merge/inheritance for "casting and machining",. molding and for master model works very good.

3D sketch..i am not a big does get messed up..used it in weldment....

obviously pocket filling hmmm i worked on solidworks for product design and found useful concern is with product design ...3d sketch reduces plane creation say when u want to give guide curves nd snapping any sketches

I have nothing constructive to say, i am just laughing at the notion of Creo 4. Sorry, i could not stop myself.

Regards to all