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Surface modeling


Surface modeling

I have some problem constructing a surface out of an irregular trajectory. As shown in below image, the trajectory is the red-coloured line, the outer profile was constructed with multiple sketch profiles combined at certain datum point. I wanted to create a surface that follow the trajectory as well as all the blue-lined sketch enclosed as the wall.


Initially, I intended to use boundary blend command, with all the blue-lined sketch selected as 'First Direction' + close blend enabled, and the red-sketch as the 'Second Direction', but seems like it requires another sketch to be selected. When I construct another curve line of at the end of each wall using surface-curve command and tried again using the 'boundary blend' feature, the following happens (see image below) -- only partial selection of the red-coloured-line -- which doesn't allow the surface to be constructed.


For your reference on how I intend the profile to be, the following are some image of the previous model that I manage to construct. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestion.


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I can think of many ways to construct this, however I'll address the things in your post.

You can select the entire red curve by picking the initial segment (as you have done) and then holding "shift" to build a chain of the other segments. I would then add the bottom curve as well, through the lower end points of your cross curves, and build with 3 curves in one direction and 8 in the other.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

...or, as I like to do, highlight that curve and go into the "Details" tab below, which allows you to select by rules, intent chain, loop, etc.

didn't work. Can't seem to select the curve as complete loop etc.

Here's the preliminary sketch feature that make out the outer line.


Hi..i think that's what I did in the first place. the final blend became very distorted as the 'red-coloured'curve' were sketched with multiple shapes being put together, while the end curve were based only on the end point of the wall (blue-coloured) line.

I recently modeled a part similar to this where I needed several different sketched sections swept through a trajectory. You might consider using a swept blend feature for this. You should be able to use your existing sketches.

Here's something I whipped up using a swept blend.


Hi... almost got the feature that I wanted. Just wondering if the above figure was constructed out of multiple swept blend function? How about the trajectory? Seems like my trajectory is split up that some region (wall/blue-coloured-line) are not covered by the trajectory...