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System crash while saving pvz file


System crash while saving pvz file

I was trying to save a conveyor assembly file that i made in creo parametric 6 to a pvz file as i need to make some service documents for the same in creo illustrate. But, as i press OK, it takes some time and crashes leaving a traceback log file. I have attached the file here if someone can help me with this. 


P.S. This doesn't happen with other big assemblies. Don't know why this happens everytime with the conveyor model. 


It sounds like you may be dealing with some pretty heavyweight data. Does your model contain any of the following?


  • Non-solid parts (quilts, surfaces)
  • Complex geometry (threaded fasteners, ball bearings, complex extrusion profiles)
  • Transparent components
  • Components with unnecessarily high level of detail


If you have components like this in your model, you may want to do a bit of simplification before exporting. Try suppressing/excluding the parts you suspect are complex and reexport. If you can get an export to work like that, you can narrow down your list of culprits. I'd recommend starting with the non-solid geometry. 


To help get you started, try turning off these two settings before exporting. It should help a bit. 









Yes, my model contains threaded fasteners and ball bearings. However, i think that is not the problem as i tried converting an another model with ball bearings and threaded fasteners and i could convert it into pvz successfully. 

I have mostly sheet metal parts, three or four solid parts and some square/rectangular pipes that i made in framework.

I don't have any transparent components though nor any non solid parts.

I don't understand why i can't convert this simple conveyor assembly file but can easily convert more complex conveyor assemblies.





Cause of exit in traceback has been fixed in latest datecodes of Creo 6.0. 


Update your Creo 6.0 to latest datecode. 

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