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Transform world units to drawing units - ProDwgtableColumnSizeGet

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Transform world units to drawing units - ProDwgtableColumnSizeGet


I'm reading the size of a table column with ProDwgtableColumnSizeGet().

How can I get or convert the size to drawing units.

I tried it with ProDrawingSheetTrfGet.. and ProPntTrfEval but nothing works...

Some ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings Lars

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I Lars,

I’ve a similar problem setting the position of a note in a drawing.

I followed these steps:

1) Setting the attach point to ‘translate’

2) find the transformation matrix of the sheet ( from screen a drawing coordinates ) using ProDrawingSheetTrfGet (ProMatrix)

3) calculate the inverse matrix

4) translate the vector from drawing to screen coordinate using ProVectorTrfEval

5) add eventual shift to the new vector

ProVector pos;

ProMatrix matrix, inverse_matrix;

// initialize the position




// get the matrix from screen to drawing coordinates

ProDrawingSheetTrfGet ( drawing, i, wNomeFormato, matrix );

// get inverse matrix ( from drawing to screen coordinates )

ProUtilMatrixInvert( matrix, inverse_matrix );

// drawing to schermo

ProVectorTrfEval ( pos, inverse_matrix, pos );

// add shift

pos[0]+= inverse_matrix [3][0];

pos[1]+= inverse_matrix [3][1];

You can find ProUtilMatrixInvert in <proe_root>\protoolkit\protk_appls\pt_examples\pt_utils\UtilMatrix.c

I hope this help.

Michele Giudici

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thanks for your answer.

The problem was the number of the column.

In some Toolkit functions the index starts at 1 but in
ProDwgtableColumnSizeGet the index starts at 0!!!

Here my code:


pt[0] = 0.0;
pt[1] = 0.0;
pt[2] = 0.0;
err = ProDrawingCurrentSheetGet(m_Drw, &Sheet);
err = ProDrawingSheetTrfGet(m_Drw, Sheet, SheetSize, Matrix);

if (m_ATitleCells.size() > 0)
err = ProDwgtableColumnSizeGet(&m_ATitleCells[0].Table,
0, m_ATitleCells[0].Column - 1, &pt[0]);
ProVectorTrfEval(pt, Matrix, pt);
OS << L"ColSize (" << m_ATitleCells[0].Column << L"): " << pt[0] << endl;

Greetings Lars