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UPDATE: True Type font selection


UPDATE: True Type font selection

Forgot a couple items.

Some users are looking for the TT font to be mono-spaced.

Some users are looking for the zero character have a slash in it (an option per the spec). Some feel this might look too busy on a drawing. Perhaps the notes could have this, but not the dimensions?
While drawing lettering is specified to be all capitals except as required, some users want the Upper Case "I" [I] different from the Lower Case "l" [l] (for those rare cases), but serifs are getting the objection.

Any additional thoughts/comments on the above?

I will post a summary after a decision is made.


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We change all of our drawing formats, overlays and symbols from the font in
Pro/E called "filled" to "font".

This eliminated the "Upper Case “I” [I] different from the Lower Case
“l” [L] and the number "I" [1]. The Upper Case "O" and the Number Zero "0"
are now different too.

We were dealing with this issue for a long time. It eliminates a lot of
errors not only with the engineers, but also purchasing and so on.

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I know it's not a TT font, but FWIW, I posted a variation of the PTC
standard font called "Font" with the modifications Lance describes to the
PTC user portal section some months ago (and also a strikethrough version).
Ironically, I hated that aspect of the sans serif font on pro/e drawings,
but everywhere else, I despise serifed fonts (you may note that this note
email is not written in one).


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