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Welding note issues


Welding note issues

Below is a screen print of a welding note that I am trying to fix. It seems that Creo puts a "1" at the end of the tail for some reason that I can not delete. To be honest, I'm not sure how I finally got the weld procedure "GTAW" to show up in the note, but it will not delete the "1:". Does anyone know how to do this? Also, is there a way to turn on or off the depth, gap and distance dimensions also shown?


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Not sure what version you are on but in Creo, it is a custom symbol. If you select it, it should open the symbol dialog. Grouping determines what is shown and the variable text allows you to change the values.

The 1:GTAW is probably from manually editing the /reference/ variable.

If this is Pro/E V5 or before, I am not sure how you interface with the symbol.

I am using Creo. The field "variable text" is where I seem to have the problem. It is grey'd out and can not be manipulated.


Oh, that is sad

Is this the case if you turn off the reference in grouping and then re-apply it? I noticed everything is cleared if you switch "sides" in Grouping.

What if you place a new symbol?

If a new symbol also doesn't work, then someone locked the properties of /reference/. What is under dependencies?

For some reason, you have a Dependencies tab that I don't get on my screen. I created mine in the drawing, not in the model.

Well, grouping helped remove some of the dimensions I did not want, but still no luck on the "1:". Here is a pic of the dependencies. Checking driven by model does not help. Maybe it is suppose to be there. Maybe it denotes the First step in a multi process weld.


This might be worth forwarding to customer support. This is not the way my Creo 2.0 M020 behaves.

As an aside, when I use "GTAW" as a /reference/, it also centers properly in the "arrow".

Thanks Antonius. I able to manipulate it in the drawing by erasing the Model Annotation and creating a Custom Symbol.

creating custom symbol would be mean not editing the original symbol like in your picture right? that would be a lot of work....

Oh no! By all means, copy the provided symbol and make your own version. Save your custom symbol to a user library so you can use it anytime. It is not always easy to modify existing symbols, but it can be done.

That would be a lot of work by the way... can u show me how to custom from a copied symbol..i would really appreciate it...thanks in advance

You use the symbol editor. It is a different interface. Go the symbol>symbol galary>redefine. Select a symbol on the drawing and it will open the editor.

its too crowd when do i know which is which?

Yes, that is the problem and the difficulty. I have not found a good way to make it easier to see.

ok...thanks for your having another problem which is i cant hide the quilt visibilty for welding symbol in 2D drafting?supposed it can be hide in the Drawing View Properties by choosing 'Yes' option in 'Removal Hidden Lines for Quilts' under View display option....the option become grey (froze) cant be selectedd.

*drawing view properties>view display>Removal hidden lines for quilt*

Are you, by chance, using the built-in weld symbols that are automatically created from the welding module/application in Creo?

yes, im using the built in symbol...

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