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What a boring place this has become...


What a boring place this has become...

Friday Rants on PTC/User were the Bomb-Diggity! Now, my rants will quickly be shuffled off the back corner of, never to be seen again.

My rant today is: Why does SolidWorks get special mention on McMaster-Carr part files? I know why......I am just ranting!

Have a good weekend fellow Creo-tians


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Uhmm my guess might be posting at such an hour may inhibit others from seeing it until the dreaded "Monday"?

I don't know, just throwin it out there.... and if you're like me on Monday... well....enough said.

I have a love/hate relationship with McMaster.

Their screw models are just god awful!

It's Monday.  Enough said.

Yeah...agreed....but it will get banished this morning first thing. thd.jpg

On a positive note...I have the same L/H relationship with MMC too....screws especially as you said.

Yes, Monday.....onward to slay the Design Dragons.

I do understand about SW.  It is the low end denominator.

My complaint is... if you're gonna put some effort into providing a model, do it reasonably right!

Like the thing about the screws, the drives (philips/hex) are actually pretty nice but making copied offset slanted disks for threads?  Come on!

I'd have three words:  YOU ARE FIRED!

I agree, doing those lame "threads" adds ZERO value, and actually increases regen time and adds unusable complexity.  I told my users to never use them, and instead made a pretty extensive CORRECT library (with max and min threaded length per the specs even).  If they absolutely needed something from there, I would get it, delete all the garbage, and rebuild it.  On the other hand, connector manufacturers seem to get it.  If they don't have an actual Pro/E file, at least usually the STEP files were accurate, most even showing pin1.  PEM seems to have good, accurate STEP files too.

Probably because Solidworks is a better system and more and more people are using it because it doesn't have such a steep learning curve as Creo.

a.jpgb.jpgThe SW missle has been launched!

When you have been using Pro/E for over 20 years, SW has a pretty steep UN-learning curve!

I still (after nearly a year) miss my middle button, and my query select and my fully-defined sketches, and my fully-defined assemblies, and my assembly constraints that make sense because they are in some kind of order, and my software that doesn't randomly stop working 3 times a day...

Initially, I had high hopes of finally getting a drawing package that was more pleasurable to use than sticking wasps up your nose, but no - it's every bit as awful as the Pro/E drawing package.

Shiny icons, though.


LOL  In the short time I was comparing 2014 to a 5 yr-old outdated version of Pro/E I found a TON of stuff Solidquirks simply cannot do.  Things I was able to do in less than 1/2 hour and 4 features were impossible in SW.  Those that COULD sort of be done in SW, took a ton more features and were far more fragile.  I have a thread on here about it, in fact, where I went on the SW forums looking for challenges for I could do them in Pro/E.

Guess the kids are persuaded by fancy icons and shiny graphics vs. true modeling power...... 


Learning curve is a non-issue for anyone that's going to use the software (any software) day in and day out... it's just a sales tactic.


True dat, Matt!