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What is the best way to use geometry from another model but not to keep the reference


What is the best way to use geometry from another model but not to keep the reference

As the title, I want to use some geometry like lines, planes, axis from one model to another. But I do not want to keep the reference between each other. So the geometry in new model will be independent. I use "copy geometry" and wonder if the geometry need to be published in the original model.

And what is the step if you guys to do this? Thanks.

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Have you got AAX (advanced assembly extension) licence?

If yes have a look at Copy geom and Publish geom features. If not search for Independent geom feature.

For lines, put both parts in one assembly, create a sketch and copy the lines. Throw away the references afterwards.

For planes and axis it is the easiest to make a coordinate system of it. A coordinate system position can be copied eather in a assembly or with the measure tool. Both ways are to complicated to explain in a simple comment.

This is a nice solution for copying coördinate sytems using the

transform measurement as offset:

It assumes there is at least one common coordinate system in your

assemblies and a coordinate system which you want to copy.

In the base assembly.

Got to Analysis -> Measure -> Transform

Perform a measurement between the common coordinate system and the

target coordinate system. (be aware to select the common one first)

When the measure results appear, click on the blue i button.

A Information windows with location data appears, in this window

choose File -> save as...

Save the .trf result file in a convenient location like the working


The location data is stored now and will stay stored till the file is

overwritten or deleted.

Go to your target assembly.

Make a new coordinate system.

Select the common coordinate system as starting reference.

Change offset type to ‘from file’.

Select the .trf file created before.

The new coordinate system will be placed with the exact displacement

and angle from the base point as the coordinate system measured


Please let me now if this method is what you where looking for.



I wonder if UDF would satisfy your needs. A UDF can be created using a component and can include solid geometry too with options to vary. It can be made independent of the solid model used to create it.

Try it out.


use geometry from other model and not to edit it in future:-

1) you can use copy geometry and select the surfaces u want to copy no need to use publish geo in original model. after you can remove dependency in options but required special licence.

use geometry from other model and edit it individually in future:-

1)create UDF from 1st model and use that in ur new model

2)copy features from 1st model and paste it in use new model (u need to provide all reference which is not common and if all features have default datums ref. it will take it automatic.)

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