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What is your best solution to stock / finish for assemblies in Direct Modeling with Model Manager?


What is your best solution to stock / finish for assemblies in Direct Modeling with Model Manager?

Hello fellow users,


we use Creo Direct Modeling V19 with Model Manager. We have found a workaround to save stock finish drawings to the database, it involves making a drawing of the finish part, saving, then deleting the views and replacing them with the finished parts. The result is a drawing of the stock part which is stored under the masterdata of the finished part. This way you can do a normal BOM scan.


We need to use this for the following case: where an assembly is first assembled and after assembly gets, for instance, another milling operation:


Assembly <- is milled after assembly

--> Part <- finished part

   --> Stock-finish <- relation

       --> Part <- stock part

--> Other parts in assembly


My question is: how do you normally do this. And: Am I correct that there is no standard functionality for this?


Hoping to hearing from you,




This is very interesting for me to. We have welded assemblies that are machined after welding and I don't know any good way to do this.

As I have done now are as following

One common masterdata with one part for laser cutting that are used for the drawing on the part and one for machined part.

One common masterdata with one assy containing laser cutted parts and one assy containing machined parts and on the drawing we show views and description for both welding it together and then how to machine it. (So in the drawing we use views from 2 assys welded and machined.)

Of course it is more than one laser cutted and machined part in the assys.

In this way we will get a correct BOM. And also if we have to change something we see that the masterdata has more than one part and assy so we change both.

In other cad programs there are functions to insert assy machining features and this would be great to have in Elements direct also.

Please let me know if there are any better way to do this, I'm quit new at Creo have only been using it for 1,5 years...

We actually use Model Manager to drag the finished part into the master data of the stock part and then delete the finished part masterdata.

I could send you our Model Manager manual that we have written with our procedures if you would like.



Creo Element\Direct Modeling 20.1

Hi Tom, Johan,

thank you for your answers so far. We have found the same practice of dragging and dropping, This will work for single parts. I'm interested in your method for assemblies Tom. I guess you don't use the stock-finish functionality? In particular I'm interested in making the 2D drawings / Gathering BOM info. Our best solution is like this:

1. Make the following 3D structure


2. Make drawings for the finished parts (3 & 5), replace the views after saving with the stock parts (4 & 6). Overwrite

3. Make a drawing for 2, use manage parts to replace all finished parts with the stock part in all relevant views

4. Make a drawing for 1, no 'view management' required.

5. BOM is straightforward, just do a one level scan as usual.

Hoping to get more input or feedback,


It would be great to see you're Model Manager manual.


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