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can't start annotation in PE


can't start annotation in PE

Hello PTC Community,


I have a problem, I can't start the Annotation, there's only "Modeling" in the Applications Menu. I hear you can somehow kick-start the module via command line, but I can't find any.


I Have

CoCreate Modeling PE, Datecode (, 17 June 2010)

Windows 7 Pro

32 Bit


Thanks a lot

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Tristan Schäfer wrote:

...CoCreate Modeling PE, Datecode (, 17 June 2010)...

Why do not you use the latest version of the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express 4.0? Can be found here:

Modeling Express 3.0


You can activate it via the button called "2D"

You might opt for the following options as well.

Use "Application > Annotation" to start Annotation.

Or to enter "(activate-annotation)" into the user command line. (This might can also be added to a file called sd_customize in your Modeling Express user profile directory. This would enable Annotation with each startup of Modeling Express)

Hint: If you are in Annotation you might add a button in one of your toolbars called "3D" (Modeling) to return with a simple mouse click to the 3D part. "Tools -- Customize - Groups - Misc ... scroll down to the 3D button and add this to an existing toolbar. Then you can use this toolbar icon or the icon in the lower right corner (arrows) to move between Modeling and Annotation.

Modeling Express 4.0

Here go to the Tab called "Applications" in the top most row.

The second button in this Application Tab is Called "Annotation (click to add)"

Or use (activate-annotation) in the command line bar

If there are issues to get it started you might open the console for reviewing the error.

Modeling Express 4.0 --> Tab "VIEW" --> "Toolbars" --> "Console" BEFORE activating Annotation