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creo 5.0 GD&T advisor


creo 5.0 GD&T advisor

Whilst working with GD&T advisor I discovered that it will not tolerance

point patterns, anyone else have this issue?


(new query)

        it also does not recognize reference pattern and sometimes crashes in this pursuit 


we have tested GD&T Advisor in CREO4 M080 and M090, and we also have a lot of crashes. In parallel the software is also not working for us and our requirements in MBD. The way its creating annotations and reusing existing annotations is not very good and is casueing more disadvantages as advantages. Also the help insie GD&T Advisor isn't very comfotable. biggest issue is the usage of Family Table instances, here we have the most issues. 

Finally we made the decision to not roll out this software to our user. 

We've been having some questions about how GD&T Advisor is working with existing Creo annotations for tolerances.  It seems to not like to have a mixture, where some tolerances are created in Creo directly, and others are created through GD&T Advisor.  Are you seeing similar issues?


We would normally want our users to create their GD&T in Creo directly, and then use GD&T Advisor to ensure proper completion.  Is this even possible?


There are a number of limitations to how tolerances are created in GD&T advisor-- some types of GD&T can only be created in Creo.  So we are quite hesitant to recommend to our users to use only GD&T Advisor.


That's exactly the same result we found out. Our idea was to validate all GD&T symbols by using GD&T Advisor, but the test failed. Same results as you found out. Nobody is willed to use in some cased GD/T Advisor and finish the dimension by standard CREO dash board. That doesn't make any sense and is not productive.

From my point of view, the software is not ready and needs a lot of more development to be ready.

Special ISO-GPS is casuing issues and is not supported. It would be nice, if GD&T Advisore would support all options out of the normal GD&T dashboard inside CREO without switching forward and backward. 

Next test will be CREO6 and after that CREO7.

Just curious... have you tried this in Creo 7 yet?  I haven't yet done the test myself.

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