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dimensioning sketched text...


dimensioning sketched text...


I somehow accidentally created a dimension on some sketched text that
defines its length. I thought, "wow, cool. I didn't know I could do that."
Now I am trying to reproduce that and cannot make it work. I think it was
some crazy mouse button combination. Does anyone know how to do this - on



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Don't you just hate it when you do something and then can't figure out how you did it?!

After you create the text, click the dimension icon, then just click right on the text - it will highlight the whole text - and place dimension.

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If you are on Creo 2.0, all you have to do is create a dimension and pick the text, the RMB/create Dimension/Width. Hope that helps.


Shane V.

If you just pick on the text with LMB and then click MMB above it, it should create an ovearal text width dimension.


Ted Otto
Senior Designer
TEAM Industries

Yes Donna - especially if less than 12 minutes has gone by (that's about
how long I SHOULD be able to retain stuff. If it happened yesterday, forget
about it - pun not intended.)

Thanks to all for the Pro/Easy solutions. RMB>create dimension>width, or
simply LMB > MMB to place.

Why didn't I try that? I am sure I did. anyway thanks - back to work.


Of course that is what happens when the software requires you to right click in space and hold a shift or control key and sometimes already have something selected and then do something else that doesn't have a prompt or dialog box. How intuitive????

Mark Peterson

Anyone have an A1 drawing format that they would like to share?

Thanks in advance!!

Patrick Fariello