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dxf export and margin


dxf export and margin


I have a drw that I export as a dxf (scale 1:1)

I need to place this on a plate for printing, meaning that placement references, scale, dimensions have to be exact.

Why do I have *** margins arround my geometry, where / how are they defined?



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If you mean the white rectangle that represents the page, do a long right click, select "Sheet Setup" and uncheck "Show Format".

No, the sheet has no layout at all. Only what want is on the dxf.

I mean that when I print, I have an offset... maybe some scaling issue too.
I have, on my dxf, a tiny mark in the top left corner. At printing it's offseted by 8mm from left, 5mm from top.
- It can come from the printer settings: havnt found anything
- It can come from the dxf reader/printer (I use edrawing viewer since creoviewer absolutly refuses to work "creoviewer has stop working"... ) But I tried to put everything I could to "0" for the margin without any result.
- And it can come from the dxf itself. With creoviewer (on my own computer... there it works) it's impossibe to see the limits of th dxf (same color backgroung). With solidworksviewer it feels to have margins... why?

Well, I will answer to myself then...

Creoviewer still doesnt work

viewer from solidworks is to be avoided (doesnt print vectorised... )

dwg viewer works! (dxf 2007). In the dxf options (sheet tab) I use "current sheet as paper source"

I am still unsure about were margins came from, but at least: they disapeared.

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