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graphic-library and render software


graphic-library and render software

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there are some additional graphic-library components available for Creo (free or commercial).

Materials, scenes...

Using Photorender right now but probably with Photolux soon.

However, perhaps it would be a better choice to go to Keyshot, instead of Photolux ?

Prices seems to be similar and libraries should be more numerous with Keyshot.

Any advice or experiences would be appreciate.


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Hi Dominique

Yes Photorender is very limited with Photolux you can do pretty descent stuff and find more materials in this community The new ARX appearances materials actually works

Hello Dominique CHENTRE

from render quality point of view using Photorender is old-fashioned. ARX (Photolux) offers much better possibilities and results than Photorender ---> buy your ARX because you will be more sexy .

As l know ARX is "some derivate" from Keyshot. Let´s say ARX is simply Keyshot implemented inside Creo. Principals are the same...

From engineer point of view is ARX better than Keyshot, because model stay parametric and is accessible for Creo model changes ---> model stay associative and live. 

Download all libraries from CAMILO PARRA.

Some freeware HDRI scenes:




as far as I know Photorender will be replaced by Keyshot (with limited functionality) in Creo Parametric 4.0. I think that buying standalone Keyshot software is better solution than buing Photolux extension.


Martin Hanák