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how can i change line width of cutting line and detail circle only?


how can i change line width of cutting line and detail circle only?

how can i change line width of cutting line and detail view circle only?


do anybody know this? is it possible in wf5 ?

I took a look at this and it seems questionable. The "section line" is a Geometry line weight and the circle is appearantly leader line weight. This is pretty much locked in as I cannot seem to select the circle as a "curve" nor access section line geometry. I haven't seen anything that assigns line colors specifically to section elements. If this was the case, then you could play with the pen tables.

My tests are done with standard ASME settings. I don't know if other standards would yield different results. I suspect you are simply expected to follow a known convention in this regard. Kind of silly not to open this up to user preference.

One thing I did note is that you can "Break" the section line if that helps clarify a view.

i hv also tried many ways but didnt get desierd result. thanks u for trying thing to help me out.

i think creo should improve its detailing platform a littel bit more . user should hv the option to change any individual line. By just selecting them user can change its width & type. In addition to this creo should also hv the capabilty to chnge the the line width of outlines of TABLE, this is one more thing which should be consider.

if any one knows anything plz share

- thanks & regards
Dalbeer Singh

I completely agree with you on this message.

I also have similar needs to be able to make customizable drawings which from my experience can't be done in efficient manner using just Creo Parametric 2.0


Ohoh... this is disturbing. In 2000i was able to change table line colors. What happened?

edit: oh good. You just have to add the "line style" button to the ribbon and you can change the line colors of a tables in drawings and formats.

thanx antonius..

can any one tell me, are default linefonts in proe assign to different pentable or not? and if yes plz share the details.

I thought pentables work only for export of drawings to pdfs?

Anyway this is the last version of my pnt table file from May 2011:

! pen 1 for white (visible geometry, curve, quilts)

! pen 2 for yellow (spline surface grid)

! pen 3 for gray (hidden geometry)

! pen 4 for red (dimension lines, leaders, axes and centerlines, balloons, x-hatching)

! pen 5 for green (sheet metal color entities)

! pen 6 for cyan (sketcher section entities)

! pen 7 for dark gray (toggled sections, greyed dimensions and texts, dimmed tangent edges)

! pen 8 for blue (spline surface grid)

pen 1 thickness .05 cm; color 0 0 0

pen 2 thickness .025 cm; color 0 0 0

pen 3 color 0.0 0.0 0.0; pattern .2 .1 cm; thickness 0.025 cm; half_tone_color

pen 4 color 0.0 0.0 0.0; thickness 0.025 cm; letter_color

pen 5 thickness .05 cm; color 0 0 0

pen 6 pattern .2 .2 cm; thickness .025 cm; color 0 0 0

pen 7 thickness .025 cm; color 0 0 0

pen 8 thickness .025 cm; color 0 0 0

I have no idea what it all means by now but it seems like specific pen numbers are assigned to specific entities. Looks like the list I have there isn't completed.

Adittionally it seems like you can assign specific drawing linestyle color to a specific pen but I doubt that's possible. Guess I just got confused back then and for some reason thought that this could be possible.


Linefonts are defined in <filename>.lsl files. By default, however, line fonts are set to hardware, meaning the graphics card interprets them. Yes, this is only for plot and print routines. - use_software_linefonts You can define your own linefonts if set to "yes" under "/ Layout \ [Line Style]" when a drawing is active.

Yes, colors define line weight in plots.

If you "modify line style" you can also change its "width". I think a width greater than zero overwrites the pentable (otherwise it would be additive; not sure yet).

Confirmed; line width overwrites pen definition:

This is a line with 1/2 [units] width against a line 1/2 [units] long. The edge coincides with the dimension witnesslines. The line color matches Geometry, same as the vertical line.


...This is a PDF Export; 600DPI Monochrome.

File -> Prepare -> Drawing Properties -> Detail Options (change)

Search for "detail_circle_line_style"