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how to display the value of a drawing property in a note


how to display the value of a drawing property in a note

I want to call out in a note in the drawing automatically the value of the drawing property "projection_type".

How can I do this?

I tried with "&projection_type" but was not successful.








You can use the following syntax to display drawing parameters in notes:




Here's a link to the PTC documentation



Hello there,


Sorry but what you suggested doesn’t function.


I tried:





But none reflected my drawing property as first_angle as it is in the drawing properties.


So the solution seems not valid for me.

it could be that the syntax is still unclear to me but i cannot make more out of the documentation.


Best regards,

Peter Arras



Program director Master EM

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I think there was a misunderstanding of what you were asking.

The projection_type setting is an option of the drawing, not one the general user sets (I've not ever done so), so it was assumed you were referring to a drawing parameter. The parameters are things you set yourself within the drawing, much like part parameters, which can be integer, real, string, or yes/no values.

To show a parameter in a note you do as previously suggested.

To use creo options in notes is not something I know how to do. I'm not sure it can be done. I don't think that kind of data can be accessed in that manner.



Sorry! I didn't understand your post properly. The reason you can't display the value via my previous suggestion is because projection_type doesn't exist as a drawing parameter. It's a drawing option. I should have picked up on that.


Anyway, you could create a drawing parameter called projection_type and populate its value with "first_angle". Afterwards, you would be able to show the value with a note on the drawing with the &parameter:d syntax. 


Example note: &projection_type:d


If you always use first angle this solution may be viable. If not, you would need to get creative and harvest values from your .dtl file. I've never done this before...


For reference, we put this information in a table on our drawing formats so that it doesn't need to be added to every sheet. 






Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking.

I'd think that most companies would have a projection type they use for everything and it's never changed. But, if you're doing design work for different clients, that assumption would be incorrect.

Maybe it would be best to just have different drawing formats that you use for the projection type you're using, like "a4-proj-3rd.fmt" and "a4-proj-1st.fmt"?

Either way, it's not going to be something that dynamically updates if the user changes the projection type by editing the options on an existing drawing...