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mapkey for hide/unhide in WF5


mapkey for hide/unhide in WF5


I apologize if this is beating a dead horse or an easy question, (I did do a search).

We would like a simple "h" mapkey to hide and unhide the selected model/assembly, either in the model tree or graphics area.

I appreciate any insight.


David T. Francis

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I think I remember we tried it....but found the middle mouse function to be an issue. I cannot remember if we ver got it to work correctly.

Maybe I am missing something here. You have to select the component from the model tree or model first. At that point one can do a right mouse click, hide. That is two mouse clicks vs a one key stroke mapkey. Not much difference but it is there...


All....I meant RMB not middle.

In the attached file there are 3 mapkeys that I find usefull for hiding and unhiding parts / sub-assmblies while working in upper level assemblies. You can append this to your local file in your startup directory

hc --- Hide the selected component

spo--- Select parent object usefull for selecting the sub-assembly level of the current selected component.

ua--- Unhide all

Also you can use Ctrl+z to undo the last hide & Ctrl+Y to redo the last hide.

Dave McClinton

Sr. Mechanical Designer / MCAD System Admin


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New Castle, PA 16101

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Hi Dave,

Do you still have these mapkeys in a config? I can't find the attachment.


Heidi Åman

Attached is a file of the Mapkeys mentioned
These were created in CREO 2.0

Yo can append these to you local file


Dave McClinton
Sr. Mechanical Designer

Thank you


Thanks a lot for this. The spo and the crtl-z are terrific tips.