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regeneration of model


regeneration of model


Is there any setting in creo 2.0 so that whenever i regenerate the model the instances also get regenerated. At present i have to either regenerate the instances individually or verify them in the family table. so that time consumed in regeneration is reduced.



There is a list of config options. Please download the Creo 2.0 config options pdf. Or send me a mail, I can forward it.

If you save the model, it will query if you want to verify the instances.


i am facing same type of problem i have this family table in which i have to open each instance get weight of each component. if at all i change the generic part same procedure has to be followed to get updated weight.


is there any eazier way



Well, it does have to regen the model to calculate mass. Don't think you're going to be able to skip that step.

There was a tip that does MP calculation post regenration. I am not sure if this helps the regen process or not.


...if it did it post-regeneration, wouldn't that force the regen first?

I have no clue as to the logic within regen and familty tables... or even the mass properties.

All I know is that all too often, I am regenerating more than I should to get the right results.

... and then you do it a couple more times just to make sure....

...and PTC doesn't either...

Since Verify regens each instance, you'd like to think that it could populate the mass too.

Time for an Idea, perhaps?

Steps to get this to work...

> Add your material information

> Add post regen relations for Mass and Volume (other posts on this)

> Set configuration option "mass_property_calculate always" (only set this when working with FT's or suffer the regeneration delay)

> In FT dialog - show Mass Properties

> Verify...

Mass properties will be calculated for all instances...


> Add materials for each instance (so one instance is brass, one steel, one aluminum for example)

> Add the material to a column in the FT

> Use drop-down to change the materials

> Use above procedure to regenerate and calculate for each instance through verify.