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section naming in part and drawing


section naming in part and drawing

i'm busy working on a drawing and the section in the part are labelled sensible names so i know what they are.

however in the drawing i want to use standard letter convention.

does anyone know how to set this up?



I don't think you can use anything other than the name of the section for the drawing display. 

At least I have never seen it any other way.


I do occasionally delete the name under the section view in the drawing and make one that fits my purpose AND if you need section arrows shown, I made a symbol. 100% manual process that I don't like doing and it takes time and doesn't update in any way if I need to make a change.


23-Emerald III

Another thought would be to put a second section in the same spot. One using the name that you want and another using the letter name that you want.



To obtain two names for a section, use the note feature. Simply right-click the required section & use create a note option.

  • Under section >> properties tab, you may enter section name (say A)
  • Using note, you may enter the alternative name.

Now, in drawing insert view, its section. For alternative name, use show model annotations.


I Hope, this will work.



this might work for getting the text onto the section view but how do you then make the section arrows on the parent view show the correct text?



Use standard section names (A, B, C, so on..) in section. This will now be displayed directly on the parent view.

For reference names, create a feature note from the section which you have just created.


Another way is to name the section as per reference names. This text will be displayed upon the arrow in the parent view. For section names (A, B, etc) use >> Create a feature note.

Refer to attached zip.

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