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smooth curve through points - loop


smooth curve through points - loop

Hi all.

Hopefully this is simple and I am just blind.

I want to form a curve onto a surface through four points - a natural spline
is sufficient. But I need the resulting shape to be a smooth loop - no
visible vertex at the start/end. The attached screenshot should make it

Am I forgetting / missing something obvious? Any hints?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Nathan,
There's probably a better way, but once I had this problem and created
two curves (The endpoints of the curve were the two points that had the
least curvature when trying to do it as one curve) - on the second curve I
told PTC to match the curvature and it didn't end up too weird.

Mark von Huben

Greetings all,

Thanks as usual for your helpful replies.

I did create what I needed using a two curve method building some axes to
define the end tangencies of the two curves. It seems like a lot of work -
only WRT the spline one draws to define a partial view on a drawing (for
example) that closes itself and creates a smooth loop.

Well, what's a few more features in the tree, right?

Another suggestion was:

Use a boundary blend and the discontinuity may smooth itself out. This came
this morning and I did not try it. I can imagine it working to some extent
based on my experiences.

I am sure there are other ways. Keep them coming if you have anything else.

Thanks again.


Using ISDX you can put a curve on surface and make the ends tangent. Just hold the shift key down when connecting the last point with the start point. Infact you have to use shift in order to be able to snap to the datum points you are passing through.



Anyone have a valid Ihserc I could use?Evan