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why my pc gets frozen when shrinkwrap edition is running?


why my pc gets frozen when shrinkwrap edition is running?

HI everybody

Few months ago I started to work with PE WF 4.0 M140, but I noticed that my computer gets frozen when I'm creating a shrinkwrap, in the best case it gets too slow and I can't finish the edition.

I had used PE WF 3 before WF4 but I had not that kind of problems. It's the same workstation. Now many colleages at work have the same trouble.

I use shrinkwraps to avoid using a heavy complete models as reference only. My OS is WinXP 32bits.

What can I do to speed it up?(settings) what was the new in PE WF 4 about shrinkwraps??

Please consider I can not modify my hardware, that doesn't depend on me.

I would like to know the best settings to fix it.

Thank your for your advise


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I use shrinkwraps as well a lot. Really in my opinion it will depend on two things.

1) how big the file you are trying to shrinkwrap, the bigger the file the longer it will take

2) this is the most important, the quality level, the higher the quality the longer it will take. I typically keep my settings very low to save time and i generally do not do anything else while shrinkwrap is running.

as far as i can tell from looking at the menu, i do not see any differences between wf3 and wf4 shrinkwrap.

also i am running the same system as you.

PS one more thing you can check are you display settings. if you go to view/display settings/model display tab over to edge/line if your edge quality is set high or very high this will effect it as well if you tab over to shade the higher the quality number there will also cause some freezing on really big models.

generally as a rule of thumb when i do full engine shrinkwraps i set those settings as low as possible, and then i have to play with the shrinkwrap quality a little to make sure it comes out right.

hope this helps.

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