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3D hand, finger and pointer symbols


3D hand, finger and pointer symbols


Does anyone know about readily available 3D symbol lybrary plug-ins or extensions for Creo Illustrate please?

I'm especially looking for 3D hands, fingers and pointers to clearly indicate certain manipulations and operations in my illustrations.

Any help or tips & tricks would be much appreciated!




Hi Bram,

I created a 3D pointing finger and I've attached the .ol file that you can load up into your Illustrate Symbols library. It's only a surface model, so you'll need to have your filters set to show surfaces to see it in the illustration and to have a thumbnail created for the symbol.

I created it using the free manikin that is available to Creo Parametric users. There's a bit of messing about to get it out but the process is as follows:

  • Create an assembly and assemble in the manikin.
  • Apply the posture that you want.
  • Export out the model as a STEP file (change from the default STEP format of Ap203_is if you want the colours to come through. I use Ap214_is)
  • Re-import the STEP file to Creo Parametric and then delete all the bits of the manikin you don't need.
  • Export out the remaining bits of the assembly as a shrinkwrap (to make it a single part)
  • Open the shrinkwrap
  • Save it as a Creo View PVS file
  • Grab the OL file that is created to go the PVS file and that is your hand geometry

I've probably got my quality settings too high as I go through this process, so the OL file is a bit big. I'll get around to fixing that one day.

Hope this helps.


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