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Combined State Appearance not working in Creo View


Combined State Appearance not working in Creo View

I am currently using Creo view 9.1 and Creo Parametric 7.08.0. We use Creo parametric to generate assembly models and parts that we can color code in different combined states to highlight certain parts or features. I have created different Appearance states that have different bodies, parts, etc. colored that I can then use in my combined states. 


Example. Combined state 1 uses Appearance 1, which highlights Bolt 1 red. Combined state 2 uses Appearance 2 which highlights Bolt 2 red, but not Bolt 1. 


This works great in Creo Parametric but when I export this file to a .pvz to view in Creo View, it seems to lose the connection between the appearances and combine states. From what I can gather, creo view only displays the appearance that was active when you saved the file. Oddly enough, the layer states, cross sections, and orientation portions of the combined states work correctly, only the appearances do not work. 


Is there any way I can have two different Appearance states work in Creo view, specifically when changing between combined states (or "Viewables"). 






Hi BD_6640942,


Thank you for your question!


I hope you will find an answer with an experienced member soon.





Creo View & Publishing/SaveAs PVZ do support appearance state from Creo Parametric associated to All State (View States). 


It is recommended to publish/save PVZ with Default All state active (without activating other states). If there is still an issue then i would recommend to raise a case with PTC Support team. 


Thank You,


Hi Varad, 


I am publishing with the default all state active, and what actually happens is the Creo View pvz will only display whatever appearance state is set to the default all at the time of publishing (regardless of view state settings). What I am looking for is being able to have creo view display the appearance set in the view state. 


@BD_6640942  You need to add a config option in Creo Parametric like below. We set a folder per each aspect and this one is for creoview.
intf_pv_recipe_dir         your folder location\creoview


Copy the two files from Creo Parametric loadpoint, make changes, and add these two files to your location.
C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo\Common Files\apps\prodview\recipe


Now when you export to PVZ from Creo Parametric it will use one of these two files. These two files are missing a lot of features out of the box, that is why we modified them.


Thanks for the reply! What parameters would I modify to do this, or is there a good guide on what these parameters do? I have worked with the recipe files before but never found any good reference material. 

I have been dealing with this same issue as well, but only for "render mode" Hidden Lines Removed (on Creo View). Using combined states I can get the appearances (colors) to toggle as I want but once the HLR setting is on, the parts only appear the colors that were active at the save, no matter what combined state is selected... not sure why this is.  Is this the same way for you, or do appearances not show up correctly no matter what display style?

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