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CFD Analysis


CFD Analysis

I am curious to hear from others what you use for CFD Analysis? What integrates well or is easy to use with your Creo models? There are lots of options between Ansys, Autodesk Simulation, Mentor Graphics, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated.



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FloEFD works very well integrated in Creo. And nice wizard to guide you through process. You can try demo/trial version. Ansys is ok but I found preparation took longer - maybe im just slow working with it.I didnt have enough hours spent in it anyway. Hopefully we will see CFD within Simulate one day...

Hi Andy,

There are certainly a number of CFD tools available on the market. In fact, many of these companies are part of the PTC Partner Advantage Program and collaborate with PTC.

Two that come to mind are:

  • Mentor Graphics FloEFD for Creo
  • Altair Hyperworks

Yesterday, Mentor Graphics launched a new Virtual Portal for FloEFD to allow users to test FloEFD for Creo for 30 days.

Check it out.

Hope this helps.


Mark Fischer

Product Manager, Simulation

What a coincidence

I am Structural Analysis Engineer, and we had yesterday a short live presentation of FloEFD in our factory held by MentorGraphics experts from Germany...I am not familiar with CFD, but what i have seen is that FloEFD has very very big potentials. The best advantage in my opinion is that the integration in Pro/E (or Creo) works "awesome".

Before the presentation i thought this software is just there to close the "CFD-gap" in Pro/E in a simple manner, but it has wide functionalities and settings....We'll have a workshop in near future, perhaps i'll put in my experiences here.....

Hi Turan

how are you progressing with your CFD evaluation ?

Any news you can share with the community ?

Best regards

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