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CREO Simulate mesh validation


CREO Simulate mesh validation

Hello! I would like to ask the community about the mesh validation.

There is a tool for it in CREO Simulate that is useless for a big simulation models (100000+ elements) it is impossible to turn the model while the mesh is displayed. So is there any feature or tool that will help to hide the valid elements and show only bad elements on the screen.


Thank you for the response!


I ran Pro|Mechanica for years (now Creo Simulate), and whenever there was an error during meshing, a warning message would pop up and state, "The highlighted elements......then whatever error after that".  However, there would never be any highlighted elements in the display.  Then in Creo Simulate, they seemed to make some improvements, and the element, if it was on the surface of your model, would be highlighted in red if is was not valid.  But what about elements internally?  You cannot see them unless you shrink the elements.  Now, to your question, I do not know of a tool that will highlight bad elements during validation and hide the good ones, but I will look at it, as I do not run simulation any more, but did for about 20 years.  Always something new in Creo.  Now you stated 100000 + elements in a model?  That's scary.  No wonder you cannot rotate it.




If the "element" is inside the mesh you have to shrink the displayed mesh - and this is a graphic card killer.


I think I never could really understand how this really was intended to work.  In the new Simulate  versions (I think) you can select the element in the warning windows and it should zoom the element automatically. But sometimes you see nothing and zoom in-out is very difficult.




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