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Configuration - directory references

21-Topaz I

Configuration - directory references

I was looking for a list of those config options that affect where Creo accesses a possibly remote location. This list is to help debug a possible network access problem.


In looking for these config items, I found something that I suspected, but was still astonished by - there are a huge number of them and they are difficult to pick out of the config options.


I'll let the reader go and look for themselves and then compare what they find to these suggestions.


The first suggestion is to standardize the names. The config options that relate to directories should be prefixed dir_ Presently not all of them even include a "dir" as part of the name, and (remarkably search_path_file specifies a directory containing the file This means that an admin can sort on config options that affect the system architecture. The paths are independent of the function of their contents and should be easily segregated


The second suggestion is to have a config hierarchy; there are dozens of nc directory related config options, even though they could all have the same value. There should be a higher level option that supply the default for all the subordinate options. If one of those options needs its own path, then that config can be set; if the high level option is set in the config.sup, then no subordinate options that are set after that can be used.


This way a few configs control the approximately 100 configs that alter where files are located.


Third, and more generally, prefix config options with the type of object that is affected by the config when it's possible to do so. lay_ for layer items, fam_t_ for family table items.


Configuration has been a growing heap of inconsistency and I'm sure it is costing software development effort to keep straight as it is for users. It certainly makes it hard to help people.


Not being under maintenance, I can't have an idea, so that's why it's posted here.

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