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Creo Simulate 2.0 M070 keeps throwing memory issues


Creo Simulate 2.0 M070 keeps throwing memory issues

My analysis fails due to memory issues I suppose, but I don't know how I can fix it. I have the 20 processors, and dynamic RAM upto 48 GB RAM (virtual machine)

Memory Allocation for Block Solver is 8000 MB

Max_Sim_Solver_allocation: 4096 in Creo


I don't know how to change SolRAM as they mention in many other forums. Can anyone suggest a workaround? I would really appreciate that.


Here's the message from Solver Status:


>> Pass 3 <<

Calculating Element Equations (10:54:17)

Total Number of Equations: 1852608

Maximum Edge Order: 4

Solving Equations (10:56:02)

Post-Processing Solution (11:25:49)

Calculating Disp and Stress Results (11:27:45)



The design study terminated abnormally.

An error has occurred while requesting an additional

4.45009 gigabytes of memory from the operating system.

To correct this problem, you may need to increase the amount

of swap space on your system. You may also need to increase

the memory usage limits that are set for your system.

For large problems you can also try decreasing the

solram allocation setting.

At least 17.858 gigabytes of memory are needed to run this design study.



Documentation for this issue can be found in the Technical

Support Knowledge base at:



For more information, you can search for the term "swap space"

in the Help Center. To access the Help Center Creo Simulate

topics, select #Help>#Help Center, set the functional area to

"Simulation" and then click on the "Structure and Thermal

Online Help" link.






Memory and Disk Usage:



Machine Type: Windows 7 64 Service Pack 1

RAM Allocation for Solver (megabytes): 8000.0



Total Elapsed Time (seconds): 2935.41

Total CPU Time (seconds): 1872.19

Maximum Memory Usage (kilobytes): 13093643

Working Directory Disk Usage (kilobytes): 2351105



Results Directory Size (kilobytes):




Maximum Data Base Working File Sizes (kilobytes):

1048576 .\BLADE_STRENGTH.tmp\kel1.bas

942080 .\BLADE_STRENGTH.tmp\kel2.bas

360448 .\BLADE_STRENGTH.tmp\oel1.bas




Run Completed with Fatal Error

Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:37:43

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