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Creo Simulation Live - product trial questions


Creo Simulation Live - product trial questions

Please ask your in-product (Creo trial questions here.


I had a couple pieces of feedback from a couple of our users that were using this:

  • We had a couple reports that doing a Ctrl+Z (Undo) crashed the system, thus needing to close out of Creo and restart it.
    • More curious if anyone else has experienced this?
  • Loads or fixed locations attached to patterns were fairly unstable
    • Any change to pattern caused all but the 1st hole to lose its reference, not just the holes that changed
  • Would be nice to have the ability to LOCK the legend color scale
    • This would make tracking progress with changes made to the design easier.
    • If say "Red" means the same thing between changes then if the amount of red decreases, we are getting better without having to read what the new values are.



Hi rsoukup,


Thank you for the comments.  The early access build of Creo still has some more work to do with undo/redo within the Live Simulation tab, so we are aware of that not functioning as it should.  It is currently being addressed.  Also, the selections while inside of Live Simulation tab are currently limited in the early pattern member selection doesn't work like Creo users are accustomed to.  This is also being addressed for production.


The locking of the legend scale is a good idea.  We have plans to enhance the legend feature in the near future.



Todd Kraft

CAD Product Manager

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