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Creo parametric 5: some tips on mechanism/gear


Creo parametric 5: some tips on mechanism/gear

I'm starting to use the mechanisms with Creo and would like to play a kinematics with a bevel gear (or conical pair ,  I do not know the translation of "coppia conica" in italian),   similar to the one in the video I've linked (they're only 3mb). 

The assembly is very simple, it is composed of:

A)a fixed body (the vertical shaft to which the first gear is fixed , they do not rotate and does not move)

B) the moving bodies: the horizontal shaft (motor), which being free to turn both on its axis and on the vertical one, will turn the box into  which it is inserted (with tho radial spherical bearings ).

I should also understand how to set the ratio so that 90 degrees of rotation on the vertical axis correspond to 90 degrees of rotation of the horizontal shaft axis, in practice 1: 1.

Reading the guide I understand that to use the mechanisms in Creo Parametric  you must use the constraints defined by the user instead of the automatic contraints , my problem is to understand where to put them.


For example, I would have left like this:
1) the vertical shaft placed as default / fixed
2) Its ring is  fixed on the shaft with automatic constraint , without any degree of freedom.
3) horizontal shaft with pin constraint , to allow rotation on its axis,  inside the box
4) pin contrant also for the box, free to rotate around the vertical axis (or should I to constraint it   to the horizontal shaft by matching the axes of the box holes with the orizontal shaft axis, plus the corresponding horizontal planes?)
Then I would go into applications> mechanism and define a bevel gear (translate conical pair gear) . However, here it allows me to select only axes that can rotate, so that of the horizontal shaft and that of the box (if constrained with pin)
Basically, how do I tell Creo that one of the two gears is fixed ( that at the base of the box) while the other turning around moves on a circle of radius r = radius conical gear?

p.s.I just have to set the movement just to do a kinematic, not dynamic, analysis



thank you very much for your patience




Hello @meccanico

Please see attached example model.  A generic gear pair will work as an alternative.  If rotation direction is incorrect, you might need to Edit Definition on one of the related pin connections and flip the direction (I did this for the box and flipped the axis direction for the pin connection).


Best regards,

Mark Fahlbeck
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