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Drop Test - Dynamic

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Drop Test - Dynamic

Hello all, good afternoon.

First of all (beforehand) I'd like to thank you for your time reading my post, truly appreciated, and I'll try to keep it as simply as possible, briefly.

Attached you'll find the road-map or conceptualization of the whole picture.

Basically, we have a round structure support with some square legs from aluminum, that needs to be tested with a dynamic load, a bag of X material with a mass of 136.078 kg falling to the top surface of the structure from a height distance of 6" inches, to analyse if this impact, drop test, shock would cause the structure to fracture or completely breaks exceeding it's material yield (which is a certain isotropic composite material).

But I haven't found anything that could help me on performing this particular test, I've been able to replicate most static loads testing without any issue and I've been having my time correlating most of the matrices, I've came from NX Advanced Simulation, which was a little bit more friendlier on dynamic drop tests.
Anyone has performed something similar, has an idea or a tutorial on how to perform this?
I've tried 3D contacts, but both surfaces are completely flat.

Please, check the attached PDF 🙂

Thank you!


i would like step-data (cad)

I've this papers.

Since the load is impulsive, it is not periodic so it is suggested to use a Dynamic Time Analysis.
It is suggested to model the load as a half-sine with a short duration.
You should do two analysies having previously defined measures:
#1: where you "find" quikly at a which time/freq your measures (especially the VM stress) are higer
#2: where you specify the full results in the time step definition

I've attached also a paper where (in an old version of Mechanica-ex simulate) you import the data from a mechanism analysis with 3d-contact.


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