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Error: Could not load image...


Error: Could not load image...


Running Creo 2.0 M090, I had a image inside an assembly (using the image function in the model display tab), after some time I removed this.

Now I get an error message stating the following: "Could not load image from file: file_name.jpg", and this is showing after each regen., save an so on... also, if I open some of the parts from this assembly, I get the same message there...

Anybody know how I can get rid of this?

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Welcome to the forum, Eivind.

I have had a much more serious problems with images I was using as underlays. Somehow the system got them confused and finally corrupted the file so it, and any of the next level files failed to load and caused Creo to crash.

I was extremely fortunate to have saved my version files and I was able to backtrack to a good version. There seems to be a bug in this routine (and has been there for a while) and PTC needs to know about it.

I recommend you send the file to PTC support by submitting a support case.

Are you sure the image has not been assigned to a texture in your appearance manager?

If nothing else, PTC can cleanse your file from the image reference and send it back to you.

You might also see if this option helps. Default is no:


Hi Eivind,

The specified message "Could not load image from file: file_name.jpg" will prompt, if the image inserted in model has been deleted/renamed/moved from actual location.

To get rid of this message:

1. View > Model Display > Images

2. Select the image name from pull down list for "Imported images" > Remove to remove the image > ok.



I've had issues trying to get images (JPEG, etc.) to show up in dwgs. Seems REALLY buggy. One dwg worked fine, the other I struggled with.

Try making them remain on the forefront in formats. You can happilly working away and suddenly the image is just gone. Requires a reboot to get it back. Not sure if it would print to PDF whether is showed on the screen or not but customers don't like not having their logo show up on a drawing. There is definitely a long time bug in this feature.