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Universal Joint Mechanism


Universal Joint Mechanism

Can any PTC Creo users recreate this joint?

<click on image to zoom>

<see attachment for animation>


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Dan! Awesome to hear from you, love the attached annimation. Hopefully our PTC Creo heroes can lend a hand.

It shouldn't be that difficult.

Dan, is this a challenge or a request?

Just for fun. I was mesmerized by the animation. What kind of application would this joint be useful for?

Dan, this is what makes most cars run... it is a universal joint. Steering columns have them and drive-shafts (except the front wheel drive units) use them. The interesting thing about them is the periodicity in the rotation so they are normally used in pairs to counteract that artifact.

Here is a "constant Velocity" application where the periodicity is counteracted. This is only for illustrative purposes, of course but this is how Chevy 4WD has managed a high angle driveline without tearing itself apart (although some would argue that view). The idea is that you can put a double U-joint in a single casting and have the input and the output be exactly the same.

Video Link : 4875

Yes, you can also exaggerate the action by changing the synchronicity of the 2 joints... changing their phase.

Video Link : 4876

This has been a controversial implementation for a long time now:



This is a sample a put together many, many years ago.




Video Link : 4872

Nice one

5-Regular Member

Nice to see you back on here Dan.

Thanks, Mike. It's good to be seen.