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External reference warning


External reference warning

I have an assembly that contains a family table.

The variable of the family table is a part that the also instances.

If I regenerate the generic assembly there is no warning message.

If I regenerate the assembly instances I get a warning message that says the part of the assembly instances has a reference in assembly generic.

What I would like is to have models and assemblies without any warning message.

I tried several methods to find the external reference but with no success. I called PTC Techincal support but appears that the guy is not able to find the reason or to show me how to solve this warning or to remove the reference from the asembly level.

Doing some tests I created a new assembly and I assembled the part and generate again the instances at the assembly level. I thought that I fixed the problem but when I renamed the asembly to the name that I would like to have it but when I start to regenerate the instances I've got again the warnings.

do you know what can be the issue?

I forget to mention that if I check the the References of the part there are no references related to the assmebly level.

also if I regenerate the part and verify the part family table ther is no warning message



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