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Linear dimensioning and GDT question...


Linear dimensioning and GDT question...

Hi Pro/E aficionado's -

This definitely more of a drafting based question but, since we deal with drawings everyday someone must be able to solve our heated discussion. There is a discussion between correctness versus interpretation. The image below gives our example of how it would be "most easily" interpreted since the "slot" section's width is the important and function driven part of the profile. It was argued that it is not "legal" under the accusation of double dimensioning. The defense of the dimensioning scheme below is that the whole profile should be accurate within the .002 profile with the distance between the slot sides satisfying a tighter control of +/-.0005. We have been trying to find a definitive answer either way and cannot... Please help!! Good parts and lunch is on the line...

Thanks in advance for your time,


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You need to add an X<-->Y modifier to show where the .002 surface
profile starts and stops. Then add simple notes to callout the location
of start and stop points X and Y. (Excuse my crude sketch)

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