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Macbook Pro for Creo Elements/Pro


Macbook Pro for Creo Elements/Pro

The Macbook Pro line was just updated today, and I was thinking about picking one up.

We are just moving from Inventor to Creo at the moment at our company and I though maybe someone would give me some help with the hardware specs...

For the most part, the machine will boot up in Windows and function as a windows computer with the following specs:

new 2.2GHz quad core intel sandy bridge

8Gig ram

AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics with 1GB GDDR5

7200 rpm disc

64 bit windows 7

Dont think of it as a mac please for starters... once it is booted up in windows it is "just" like the rest of them

Of course, I will use VMware etc for times when I dont want to reboot, but this will not be the primary use.

We do medium assemblies with around 100 parts (some can be complex) and also with pcb imported (dxf etc...)

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for Pro/E please check

There you'll find the certified hardware for Wf5.

Maybe Pro/E works on a MacBook, but if you encounter problems the support and other users can't help you. And with your planned solution you won't have that good graphics card that you need - only an emulated one. Maybe it will work if you don't have large assemblies.

Pro/E doesn't support more than one core, so you need as much Ghz as you can get.

Test before you buy - and also try Pro/E on certified hardware.

Better wait for Creo - it seems that it will run on Mac (

I looked through the hardware specs. and I didnt really understand the graphics card table.

All HP with nvidia is ok for example, while another brand computer with the same graphics is not certified?

Hm... not quite byuing that one...

What if we like I said look away from the fact that it is a mac with emulation, when booted to windows, its just like a HP or Lenovo...

So "just specs"... anyone have input on that?

I would also love Creo to be ported to OS X of course, but for company networking I still need some windows

It's not the graphic card as stand-alone.

The certified hardware means 'the whole computer'. It includes the mainboard, the graphic card, CPU, ...

Go to and have a look at the benchmark results. There you find other brands.

But with 'official' hardware it's easier to get support from PTC.


Because they have these computers as test computers. If you report a problem they try to reproduce this problem on their hardware.

Of course Pro/E WF5 runs on every good laptop. The most import thing you need is:

- good graphic card (Quadro FX 1800 and better)

- a high clock rate (dual core should be sufficient: one core for Pro/E and one for the OS)

- RAM (at least 4 GB)

- Win7 x64

Look also at the supported OS. I think you need Win7 Pro at least because of the user rights.

Is a AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics with 1GB GDDR5 the same or better than a Quadro FX 1800?

As for the "whole package", nothing runs as smooth as the macbooks in terms of laptops (correct me if I am wrong, but this is in my own experience)

RAM and 64bit OS should not be a problem, and clockrate is well within spec of the required sheet from ptc...

Just find it a bit hard to believe that we still need hardware that is "matched" to be good for Pro/e

Anyone know anything about hardware for this summers update to CREO?


Hmnn, re the "one of the Creo 2 apps running on OSX" in the video, what was that then?

We're up to 3 now and nothing useful I know of from PTC on OSX.

23-Emerald II

What business case does PTC have for porting Creo to OSX?

If you want a native OSX highend CAD system, look at what Apple uses. They run Siemens NX on their own hardware.

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