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Mechanism help (summary)


Mechanism help (summary)

Thanks to all for your responses. It seems the short answer is to use cam
connections with lift off enabled. I used this and it worked as I had

I used Autoselect for cam face #1

I used Autoselect for cam face #2

I set the coefficient of restitution (e) value to 0 which is the min and
to 1 which is the max and the response was identical.
It worked in both cases. This value apparently only effects the analysis,
not the motion.

If you select Enable Liftoff on the Cam-Follower Connection Definition
dialog box, the two cams are allowed to separate and collide during a
dragging operation or an analysis run. The cams do not interpenetrate if
they collide.
If you enable liftoff, you can also define a coefficient of restitution
for your cam-follower connection. This value determines the energy loss
due to the impact when cams collide after separating.

Petter also points out below that there is some additional functionality
that is available on WF 5.0 that will also be helpful.
Thanks again everyone for your help,

Bob Frindt
Sr. Designer
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parker Aerospace
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division
9200 Tyler Boulevard
Mentor, OH 44060 USA
direct (440) 954-8159
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