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Multi Wraps


Multi Wraps

Hi all's,

I'm discovering again Wrap tool after several years.

What a wonderful tool!

It works well even on facet features.

However, my aim is to deform several parts (as an assembly) at the same

But, Wrap feature only exist for parts and not assemblies...

So I'm looking for a way to do this deformation on several parts.

Is there any trick or tutorial to deform several part in the same manner?

Making the same wrap function on each component and with same parameters?

When you make a wrap, you can set dimensions precisely, but it seems not to
be possible to get them in a relation (as d31:05=d29:03).

I also don't know how to use skeletons in this case.

So any idea would be welcome

(Little explanation:

I have a Creo assembly of about 10 parts and I have to adapt it to a scanned

So, I need to deform each part in the same manner.)



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