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Part with reference to generic assemlby

23-Emerald II

Part with reference to generic assemlby

I am getting the following error:


I am looking for a way to diagnose this reference and fix it.

The warning comes up for several instances within this family (1095_7000) of parts.

Thanks, Dale

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Did you go through some process of renaming a generic from 1095_9000 to something else?

I've had tis happened where it gets references stuck from time to time.

I think the fix is deleting the familty table index files from your working folder.

Is that the .tst file?

Thanks, Dale


There is an article on web (CS35910), I think this may give you some information.

Yes, the .tst are familty table indexes. The CS article does explain better why this happens. Kinda scary.

Where is that I number pointing? I type it into the search bar both here and on and the search comes up with nothing.

Thanks - Antonius. That link helped.

Sorry, missed to add link. Thanks Antonius for adding the link.

I tried Antonius's answer but it didn't work - It marked as correct anyway. (by )

Here is part of the procedure when following the Mahesh Sharma posted and --- linked to. When following step #2, there is no references found in the part generic (APRT_GEN) to add to the family table. Any other thoughts on this?

Thanks, Dale

Retrieve ASM_GEN, ASM_INST1, PART_GEN and PART_INST1 models in to session

  1. Activate the APRT_GEN window, Go to Tools > Family Table, select Add/ Delete the Table Column button from the family table window. The Family Items window is presented.
  2. Set the Type Add Item type to Ref Model, from the REFERENCES Menu, check the check box ASM_GEN.ASM and select Done and then OK
  3. New column EXT_REF0 ASSEM is seen in the family table.
  4. The PART_GEN should refer to the ASM_GEN reference assembly and the PART_INST1 should refer to ASM_INST1 assembly to have the part level hole feature update correctly.
  5. Select the intersecting cell for column EXT_REF0 ASSEM and row PART_INST1, select Tools > Replace Using > Family Member and select the ASM_INST1 instance from the Family Tree dialog.
  6. Verify the instances to see the holes positioning update successfully in all instances.
  7. Download completed example models from Here.


Can you give any sample file or stripped version of your data?

I've ignored this for awhile, but had some time to dig into this. When looking at the reference viewer for a part, this is what I see. Can someone help me understand the information that I am being given:

It looks like I am getting some sort of circular reference in that the "Full Path: Component id 14 (1095_7002.prt) -> 1095_9002.asm -> 1095_7002.prt

This come from double clicking on 1095_7002.prt on the left:

Thanks, Dale

Trying again to investigate this:

When trying step #3 (used to be #2), when I look at both the part and the assembly generics, when I click on reference model, I get :

that there are no reference assemblies/models found.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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